Congratulation Senior Carlos! International Jazz Day Foundation is honored to announce it’s newly appointed Executive Director of its Alamos/Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Division. Senior Carlos Palomares will spearhead the foundation’s 2017 production of the UNSECO 6th Annual International Jazz Day AZ Festival (1st in Alamos/ Hermosillo) efforts in this important part of Mexico. Work has already begun, through the collaboration of Scottsdale Sister Cities, Senior Palomares and William Doc Jones to utilize New Orleans Jazz as a uniting force connecting people in Sonora Mexico to those in Arizona and visa versa; spreading unity, eventually all over the world. Doc Jones told The Associated Press by telephone ahead of this announcement, “It (Jazz) is the voice of many for those facing challenges around the world.” It has long been the desired hope and goal of Doc Jones, IJDF’s Founder & Chairman of the board, to extend the Foundation’s services and boundaries between Arizona and several parts of Mexico.

Mission accomplished. With Doc Jones’ recent visit to Alamos and the efforts of Scottsdale Sister Cities, Bob Rink, Katherine, Callingham, Max Rumbaugh and Senior Palomares and many others, a resurgence of interest by local citizens, by school age youth as well as by Alamos’ Officials in New Orleans Jazz music has taken place.

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